Bot Verification for High Security Bot Software

Bot Verification for High Security Bot Software

Bot verification is the process of comparing a Bot driven software to a live counterpart for the purpose of determining if it is actually a replica of the real product or not. This process is done manually by a qualified Bot Verification Engineer, usually with the assistance of a team of testers, quality assurance department and/or designers. The engineer first conducts an initial analysis of the application to see how closely it resembles the real thing, in terms of look, performance, user interface, behavior, etc. The next step is to compare the generated Bot Codes with the existing genuine product code in order to determine if any errors have been created. These tests are performed both for the ease of the end user and to assist the engineer in improving the Bot Engine.

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Bot verification is usually integrated in the generic testing phase of any Bot Software development as it makes the software less susceptible to mistakes due to human error. The testing phase will also aid in detecting and isolating potential security issues that might affect the general release of the software. One such issue is a false positive condition created by the automated code generator. Another is the possibility of generating a wrong keystroke or action that triggers the wrong function. Each of these potential problems can have a substantial negative impact on a legitimate Bot Software download.

The automated verification test tools that are available today are generally capable of verifying both the generic and the specific functionality of any given software. This is made possible by the use of advanced statistical methodologies and comparison tools that compare the data from a manual investigation against that which is generated from a Bot Engine. In order to have the full confidence in a software product, it is best to use the highest quality verification tools available. This will ensure that your product is both reliable and secure from the point of view of end-user applications.